Common Anti-Israel Slogans

God Says the Intentional Eradication of the Jewish People is Always Wrong
Common Slogans

1. Free Palestine

2. F*** Israel

3. Colonizer!

1. Free Palestine

Rhetorical Quip: ...from Hamas!

Longer Quip: If either of the Palestinian governments (the PA or Hamas) were free to rule, do you know what would happen to the Jews? They would be eradicated.

2. F*** Israel

Rhetorical Quip: That's evil sir/ma'am. Why would you support Islamic supremacy?

Longer Quip: God says He'll judge those who curse Israel. Don't put yourself under His curse sir/ma'am.

3. Colonizer

Rhetorical Quip: Are you asuming my ethnicity?

Longer Quip: America still deserves to exist. So does Israel.

Always Bring it Back to the Syllogism